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Top 10 best race car drivers of all time (Part 2)

(Introduction AYRTON SENNA and DALE EARNHARDT racer)


He comes from Brazil and famous for Formula One competition in racing discipline.

People said that Ayrton Senna was born to become the best car driver because he had unique talent in racing car driving.

Since 1984, he started his career with racing style in a way never before. There was a little ruthless and fierce driving style or dazzling raw talent, he overcame hard weather and competitors. He won many racing car competitions and events across the world. We had to acknowledge his greatness.

Going through his career, he has reached hundreds of big and small awards like: record 65 pole positions in Grand Prix Pole Positions which is an important record at this time, 41 wins and won 3 championships in F1 World Championships.


He was from USA and had a nickname as the Intimidator.

According to the statics of the most successful racer in motorsport, Dale Earnhardt dominated and owned his era successfully. With his aggressive and determined style, other racing car drivers scared and worried when they faced up with Dale.

By his excellent expression, there were millions of NASCAR fans to be excited and hopeful when they saw Dale to drive in the racing road. It was difficult to describe this feeling in words but the fact that, everyone who liked car racing love Dale as a hero.

Unfortunately, he was died on the tracks in a racing competition.

Going through his experience, he won the Indianapolis 500 as well NASCAR Sprint Cup Championships record in 7 times (also called NASCAR Winston) or IROC Championships in 4 times. These achievements makes extremely impressive and admired to Dale- one of the Intimidator of his era.