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Introduction to Horse Racing

All kinds of exciting racing sports include both humans or animals along with a combination of these. One of the most exciting for some is horse racing.

The Horses

There are many different categories of horse racing. This particular sport comes under the equestrian category. The horses which are used for this sport will come from a variety of different breeds. It all will depend on what their specific capabilities are. Some are known more for being able to run short distances, while others are known for their durability. Each country also has its own favourite breeds that they use to promote their horse racing industry. Some of the breeds of horses that are used for racing include:

  • Thoroughbreds
  • Quarter Horses
  • Arabians
  • Paints
  • Standardbreds

Thoroughbred Racing

Out of the different types of horseraces, there are those which are known to be the largest and will usually only allow thoroughbreds to race. It is their speed and agility that makes them the favourite for racing. However, they are also used for many other types of equestrian events.

Most Important Horse Races

Horse races which feature the thoroughbreds can be found in many different countries, both on a regional and national level. Some horse racing events are famous worldwide. Some of these include:

  • England: The Grand National
  • Australia: Melbourne Cup
  • USA: Kentucky Derby

These are just a few of many. For a lot of sports fans who are into the horse races, they will travel from great distances to be live spectators for these famous races.

The Humans

Horses which are being raced need a human rider. For many of the speed races, these are called jockeys. They become as famous as the mounts that they ride if they build their reputation as being a jockey who can bring in the winners.