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Famous Bike Races

Some sports lovers enjoy any type of activity which has some speed to it. One that fits into this category is bike racing. Fortunately, there are many different categories of bikes. Many of these can be much appreciated during the events that are held to showcase the bikes, as well as their riders.

The Right Environment

Being as the majority of cycling races are held outdoors, it means that cyclists can face many different challenges. Some of these can get to the point where the race has to be cancelled for the safety of the riders. In many other circumstances, the racers will still compete but have to compensate for the conditions they are faced with.

Famous Races

With cycling becoming such a popular sport, it is only natural that the sporting industry would include this as part of their roster for racing events. Numerous bike races are considered to be famous, but there are some that top the list.

  • France: Paris Roubaix: This race first started in 1896, and has become a yearly event which is held in some of the roughest terrains to be found in France. It is a 150-mile course that is raced in April. The course is so gruelling that some of the common challenges, aside from crashes that are faced, are mechanical problems for the bikes.
  • France: Tour de France: For some, they believe this is the most famous bike race in the world. It is a race which lasts for twenty-one days and is comprised of a distance up to 2200 miles. The challenges in this race range from the distance travelled, and to have the ability for one to be able to pace themselves to go the distance, but still finish first.

Anyone that has a passion for bike racing should have no difficulty finding one to participate in.