Daytona 500 – Mecca of racing

The Daytona 500 is considered one of the most important stages of the famous NASCAR racing in America. This year, this racetrack celebrates its 50th birthday. Let’s take a look at the milestones in the past half century!

In the early years, the Daytona 500 was not as beautiful as it is today, but there were quite a few traps. Built back to the mainland, about a few kilometers from the famous beach on the beach, the new race track had high banks.

They allow the rider to safely run at maximum speed without worrying about being thrown off the track. The most memorable event in Daytona in 1979 is probably the collision on the track, between Cale Yarborough and Bobby Allison.

However, it is quite regrettable that a continuous accident caused no less than 21 racing cars to crash and seriously damage. The accident happened in the third lap, Matt DiBenedetto’s racing car was hit by the racing car Paul Menard from behind, leading to loss of control.

Immediately afterwards, DiBenedetto’s racing car spun a circle and resulted in 20 other racing cars crashing each other. This is probably the year that witnessed the most catastrophic crashes of this car model. Most recently, a Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo burned fiercely while participating in the race in Nurburgring, Germany.

The fire is said to come from the engine of a Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo supercar right in a corner. Then, this super car was engulfed in dark smoke and it was not until the firefighters were present to extinguish this fire.

However, the rear part of the Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo racing car was burned down by fire and damaged quite heavily. Super Trofeo Lamborghini Huracan Super Trofeo on fire at the Nurburgring race, Germany is the third car to crash this year.

World Solar Challenge racing in Australia

Clean energy is a hot issue in the fight against global climate change and the World Solar Challenge in Australia is one of the events that responded to this movement.

According to CNN, the World Solar Challenge car racing is becoming a test site for new technologies. That is when the participants drive the same solar-powered vehicle they design around Australia.

It is worth mentioning, all cars participating in the race were designed by university students. The riders will experience the 3,000km cross-country Kangaroo race starting from the northern territorial city of Darwin and ending in Adelaide, south Australia.

World Solar Challenge is currently the world’s most prestigious solar car race sponsored by Brigdestone Corporation. The race was held for the first time in 1987 every two years and took place about 5 – 6 days. Every day, the race starts at 8:00 am and lasts until 17:00.

The race is aimed at making solar automotive technology more popular. It also encourages new initiatives using clean. And they take sustainable energy to replace fossil fuels that are slowly exhausting and causing environmental.

The race attracts many teams from all over the world to participate, mostly by university student teams or companies, sometimes in high schools. The race has a history of more than 30 years with 15 staged tracks, with the first being held in 1987. Previously held every 3 years, then reverted to every 2 years. from the new century.

The idea for this competition originated from Danish explorer Hans Tholstrup. He was the first to travel around Australia on a 4.9 m long boat. He later competed in various competitions on fuel-efficient cars and trucks.

In the 1980s, he realized the need to find a sustainable energy alternative to the dwindling fossil fuel source. Sponsored by the BP energy company, he designed the world’s first solar-powered car – The Quiet Achiever.

He traveled a distance of 4,052 km through places such as Sydney, New South Wales and Perth, Western Australia for 20 days. Later, the idea for World Solar Challenge was born.

F1 racing, Mexican GP – Celebration in North America, war of honor at an altitude of 2200m

The Mercedes racing team officially won the 2020 season right after the 17th race, bringing the winner collection of Mode 1 to number 6. Having the advantage of winning a 1-2 pole, but the Ferrari duo still pity the driver. Bottas won the Japanese Suzuka race track. After the week of moving to the New World, the 18th race of the season will continue in Mexico City.

Returning to the Formula 1 racing competition schedule from 2015, Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez entered the 18th race. Although there was a statement from the authorities that 2019 will be the last year Mexico will enter the tournament. But with the latest announcement from Formula 1 racing executives, the Mexican Grand Prix race will continue until at least 2022.

The honor track is named after the famous racers Hermanos Rodriguez of Mexico. This new name has been used since 1986 instead of the old name Magdalena Mixhuca since the inauguration of the track in 1962.

In Mexico, the Rodriguez brothers are very famous in the motorsport world. Both Predo and Ricardo Rodriguez used to play for the famous Ferrari team.

The clockwise track has a length of one race of 4,304 km, racers must complete 71 laps with a total journey of 305,354 km. The track has 2 long lines passing through the start / finish line and between crabs 3 and 4. These two lines are also 2 DRS zones connected through the combination of 1-2-3 zigzag corners with defined points is located in the old baseball field.

This year, the organizers decided to add a 3rd DRS area at the high-speed meandering road at the end of sector 2. That’s between the 11-12 crab with the specified point behind the 9. Although the overtaking is increased. significant but 2,285 m above sea level.

In the current top 2 teams, the Ferrari duo and the Hamilton driver have the same selection list with a combination of 3 types 1-5-7 sets. While Valtteri Bottas is 2-4-7, and Toro Rosso has a similar strategy.

Red Bull and the rest of the teams are mostly used on red C4 tires with 8-9 sets. In the last high-speed races, we haven’t seen a big difference between Soft and Medium. However, the possibility of air thinning will have a little effect on the rubber and asphalt surfaces in this track.

The world’s first flying car race will take place this year

The first stage of the 21st century flying car is likely to be held this year, according to Alauda, ​​the company that develops the flying car Airspeeder. The prototype of the first Airspeeder flying car was released in the summer of 2019. And so far it is in the testing phase.

The company had to recruit US Air Force pilots who had a lot of experience flying in the air to test the MK4. If successful, this version will be used in the world’s first flying car race. Alauda believes that the MK4 flying car race will become one of the most popular speed sports in the future.

This is a sport that combines speed, science fiction and gaming. So it will appeal to enthusiasts of speed sports and also enthusiasts of e-sports subjects. It is expected that the races will be broadcast live on the Internet so that all people around the world can see this interesting and new game. A few VIPs will be able to go directly to the racetrack to watch.

Humans have been talking about flying cars for decades. And although so far no prototypes have been put into mass production. The US state of New Hampshire is just the first place in the world to license flying cars.

Currently, 2 companies are focusing on research and manufacture of flying cars. Terrafugia is the biggest name after China’s Geely company acquired the Massachusetts-based startup. However, Terrafugia has been fairly quiet for the past few years. According to the Roadshow, the company said they have 100 employees working on the flying car project.

Even if we have a flying car someday it will certainly not look like the prototypes we see in movies. In reality, flying cars will take the form of vertical take-off and landing devices, like helicopters or drones.


F1 racing, Belgian GP 2020 – Waiting for surprises from Red Bull

The 7th race of the 2020 season officially took place at the Spa-Francorchamps race track in Belgium. Race 2 weeks ago in Spain, fans continue to see Hamilton as the winner of the leg. Verstappen went on to second place and Bottas finished third with a few tire issues that affected Mercedes’ tactics for his No. 2 handlebar.

This weekend the races return to fans on a fairly long-standing track in Belgium, the legendary Spa-Francorchamps race. As expected before the Cataluyna race took place, the teams were all too familiar on the track. However, due to the complicated situation with the epidemic, the organization time has to be delayed until this point. A time when the weather was quite hot in Europe. That also significantly affects the settings for the cars of the racing teams so that they are optimal.

The Red bull is probably more effective in this regard than the Mercedes. The proof is that Verstappen has consistently been on the podium and Mercedes’ ability to split the duo is always possible in recent races.

Up until this point in the season, it could be said only Red Bull. Specifically, their main driver is Verstappen, which has the ability to influence the Mercedes duo in dominating the highest positions on the podium after the race ends.

However, at Spa-Francorchamps, which has never traditionally been Reb Bull’s forte with long straight lines, high speed corners. Mercedes will have its advantage again with the power of the engine being promoted. Spa-Francorchamps is a favorite racetrack of many riders. Normally, when playing here, very close to the Netherlands, Verstappen is always supported with a large audience.

This comeback, with regulations on social distance, will continue to have no spectators to attend sporting events. And it is almost likely that the racers will play without direct fan support until the end of the 2020 season.



NASCAR Speed ​​Race – American Sports Pride

NASCAR – America’s most prestigious race – is the place to bring fame, status and money to racers from all over the world. NASCAR (American Commercial Racing Association) is the most prestigious race in America.

At the same time it is also the most dangerous race. Therefore, the amount of money the champions earn can reach millions of dollars.

NASCAR restarts Sunday as industry tries to stay out of the pits ...

This race is second only to the sport “king” of the US – rugby – in terms of attracting audiences and media. Each year, NASCAR welcomes a record number of audiences from all over the world to be immersed in the passionate atmosphere.

It originated as just the entertainment movement of Southeast America. NASCAR has gradually grown to become an important professional sports event.

Each season that takes place is broadcast live on television. However, it was not until 1996-1998 that this prestigious race was expanded to Japan and Australia. Now NASCAR offices appearing in many major cities such as Charlotte, Mooresville, Concord, Conover, New York. , Los Angeles.

NASCAR tournament usually takes place in a large stadium, the track surrounding the field is like a football stadium but wider and longer. Each race is sometimes longer than 4 kilometers.

The riders will have to quickly pass 3 rounds of the track and the fastest achievement is chosen. Any accident happened, there is a safety vehicle to support.

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Any racing car with a problem can immediately return to the pit to repair even if the pit lane has not been opened. If there is an accident on the track, other drivers can rush to the pit to escape.

They’ll have to follow each other out of the pit lane. There are two specialties in NASCAR. If it rains the race will have to stop. And the driver can set up his own racing team or one team member can join another team.

The 2020 Formula 1 world racing season can last until 2021

The extended Canadian Grand Prix scheduled to be held on June 12 to 14 has been postponed. The board of the sport is currently looking for ways to kick off the season in July 2020.

The season began on March 15 in Australia but the race was postponed only a few hours before the first training session. Because a member from the McLaren team that tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus.

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In the following weeks, the Monaco Grand Prix was canceled. While races in Azerbaijan, Bahrain, China, the Netherlands, Spain and Vietnam have been postponed and the start date is unknown.

According to F1 CEO Ross Brawn, the F1 2020 season will probably start in Europe, possibly in July 2020 and may last until January 2021. This is indispensable for the subject to have enough time to organize up to 19 races during the season.

Brawn added that at least eight races are required for a world championship under the FIA ​​Rules. If something worse happens and the sport cannot start until October 2020 then eight races can still be organized.

During the break time, F1 teams will take advantage of their technological and technical capabilities. In a project called “Pitlane”, F1 teams based in the UK have teamed up to build ventilators to treat patients with Covid-19 in the country of fog. These include: Haas, McLaren, Mercedes, Racing Point, Red Bull, Renault and Williams.

Formula One's Most Valuable Teams: Ferrari And Mercedes Gain ...

“We are reviewing the structure that will give the start of the season as soon as possible. But we have not been able to determine the exact time and will most likely be in Europe.

In addition, the Bahrain Grand Prix race has been delayed. As such, all the first 4 races of the F1 F1 in 2020 including Australia, Bahrain, Vietnam and China have been postponed or canceled.

The runners are still practicing hard towards the Olympic 2021

The Tokyo Olympic 2021 has been postponed, but the athletes of national sports are still training hard, and strictly comply with the regulations on the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic.

After being postponed to 2021, the Olympics in Tokyo is likely to face quarantine barriers, restricting the audience because of fears that the disease will continue to erupt. This delay is also to be exchanged for tax rates up to billions of dollars. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) Chairman Thomas Bach said that it is likely that many sports will take place outside Tokyo, restricting the audience and especially the participants who have to test and quarantine viruses.

Recently, the World Athletics Federation has announced the standard calculation for the Tokyo Olympic 2021. Accordingly, all the tournaments’ results from April 6 to November 30, 2020, will not be recognized for standard consideration to participate in the Olympic Games in 2021. Only achievements in the competitions from December 1, 2020, to June 29, 2021, will be considered for Olympic 2021 standards.

In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic peak, Sports Training Centers around the world implemented detention orders and required athletes to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention regulations such as hand-washing antiseptic, wearing masks, keeping safe distance…

Elite Athletes Deal With Delay Of Olympics, Look Toward 2021 | WBAA

Although international tournaments are stalled due to the Covid-19 epidemic, most athletes still train regularly to stay in shape and ready to compete when sports activities return after the epidemic. Most notably, athletes groups have been striving to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. The extension of the standard time to attend the 2021 Olympic Games gives Olympic runners from all countries the opportunity to improve their expertise.

Like many countries, Japan is facing a recession caused by coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the cost of organizing the Olympic Games is skyrocketing, and the delay in organizing it is slower than the original schedule, causing Japan to lose 2-6 billion USD. And at the moment, both the IOC and the organizers have yet to take responsibility and do not give a specific number to compensate this deficit cost to Japan.

Complete introduction to Formula 1 Japanese Motorcycle Grand Prix

Grand Prix F1 is the largest-scale racing competition held in Japan. With the participation of the top 20 riders around the world with supercar heavy skills.

The match lasted for 3 days, bringing about 165 thousand spectators from all over the country to Japan. In this article, I would like to introduce the history and venue of the Japanese Grand Prix match.

Suzukacircuit racetrack with an international design of unique obstacles, like the large figure 8. With variable race tracks including low speed, medium speed, high speed, professional driving techniques are also applied.

In addition, the characteristics of the track at Suzukacircuit, you can not find anywhere else. Firstly, this race has many visitors to attend with cosplay costumes of cartoon characters. Here, there are not only supportive clubs and encouragement boards.

There are also fans who wear Happi and wear Happi with a collective shirt color. Through twitter, the organizers of the campaign advertise through cosplay photos of the fans. Many fascinating articles about the match and became the topic of discussion throughout the time.

The match was first held in 1987 at Suzukacircuit of Mie Province, and the match is still in place. Ayrton Senna is a symbol of this sport until the first half of 1990. Among them are famous Japanese riders such as Sugajima, Suzuki Aguri, Sato Takuma, Kobayashi Kamui…

Then, The fan also started increasing gradually. Every year, the Grand Prix race will take place in October, many F1 fans also attend. In 2020, Honda has become the main sponsor. The content of the event is also very diverse to bring satisfaction to visitors such as organizing events to show driving techniques in matches.

The match was officially organized as “The 17th Japan Grand Prix race, the season with international F1 F1 FIA riders under the sponsorship of Honda”. That’s losing match with the victory of Lewis Hamilton in Mercedes F1 tournament.

After 18 years, Toyota returned to the World Rally Championship

In the four-wheeled world, F1 racing formula is considered the pinnacle of speed. It is considered the perfection of technology, with almost perfect security. Then the World Rally Championship is the “most rustic” race, the closest and especially shows the skills of the most rider.

After 18 years of absence, Toyota has officially announced its return to this race when the new season will start next month. With the participation of the main driver, including the driver Jari-Matti Latvala.

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He has won 16 times in 169 competitions in the WRC format. Together with teammate Miikka Anttila, who has been with Latvala since 2003. Meanwhile, the second Toyota team at WRC 2020 will be Juho Hanninen and teammate Esapekka Lappi, e-kip just won the last WRC2 tournament.

The first time participating in a Rally World race was a Corolla WRC in 2003 in Estonia. So for Latvala riders, this was probably an emotional reunion, “as if returning home”.

With the upcoming WRC 2020 season, Toyota will equip the Yaris WRC 1.6-liter turbocharged engine with intake diameter up to 36 mm. It produces an output of up to 380 horsepower.

Back to the World Rally Championship, the Toyota Yaris WRC will have to meet with such well-known rivals as Ford Fiesta ST, Subaru WRX, Renault Clio WRC, Volkswagen Polo WRC, Citroen DS3 WRC.

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The car was developed in Cologne, Germany – where TMG’s headquarters is located – and will continue to be brought to more test roads in the future. TMG is also a subsidiary of Toyota that has been in charge of its F1 racing segment in previous years. And it is currently in charge of competing for the World Endurance Championship.

The machine will combine with a sequential 6-speed gearbox and all-wheel drive system. When participating in WRC, most car manufacturers now choose a B-class hatchback as a prototype for their racing cars. Accordingly, not only competing in showrooms. But also Yaris WRC will also face Ford Fiesta, Citroen DS3, Hyundai i20 and VW Polo on the track.