Top 5 types of auto racing

Auto racing has been one of the most popular sports recently, especially the young. In racing, you can start to play on game or directly practice on the racing road. Racing brings you other levels of emotion. First, it’s terrible and worried when you face to face with high speed to become the winner. Then you fell a little loss when you are broken or in accidents caused from the racing. Sometimes, it’s wonderful to overcome a racing

               Racing car in the road

Because of auto racing attraction, there are various types with other versions. Following some check list as below:

1, Formula racing

It is considered as the most famously professional racing. It usually appears in championship competitions with many experts. It is also called as car racing. Outstanding feature of formula racing is the road race. It is focused to conduct unique tracks for racing

2, Sports car racing

Sports car is different from formula car because of the seat. It only has two seats with 2 main types: the grand tourers and the prototype

The most famous championship is Fia World Endurance Championship held in nations in Europe

3, Stock car racing

Only popular in the United States. It is produced with customized specifications for racing purposes so it’s professional and high technical.

The track almost is built in oval which really dangerous and difficult to overcome

4. Drag racing

It’s a basic form of racing. The truck is built in a straight line with other kinds of car such as: usual cars and dragsters. The main purpose is to speed up as fast as possible to beat opponents.

Can list some championship of the drag racing like: Super Stock, Super Street, Top Sportsman, and Top Dragster

5. Rallying

It is conducted on both public roads or off-roads. One more special point of rallying is design of road. The constructors have intention to building various road widths or terrain to challenge racer

The main Rallying is the World Rally Championship

Romain Grosjean feeling his bad luck in Formula 1

Grosjean has just been out of the Canadian Grand Prix at the second part of the tournament. It was when his teammate made a mistake on the way by a crash. Kevin Magnussen exited the final corner and by that, he stopped their expectation to get into the Q2.

As the result, Grosjean, despite his attempt to set a lap time in Q2 and running his first car on the scene, could not complete his purpose. Grosjean was just a few seconds after Magnussen, and finally, he had to start the race as the 14th.

Sharing about his own situation on the radio, Grosjean claimed that it was one of his worst of luck moments. When the session ended, he answered some sport magazines and said he was participating a bad Olympic championship in racing.

Grosjean felt he unlucky for what had happened to him during the recent time, so he was inevitably painful. In Australia he was qualified sixth. In Bahrain, he had a crash with a Lance Stroll. In Baku, again, it was tragic for him with a brake disc failure. He was knocked out of Q2 after being qualified in the last race by Pierre Gasly. And here he was in trouble again.

The good thing is he finished his race in Spain and Monaco, so he can now already has two points, even though it is too bad for a starting in this season. Before Magnusen made an attack in the Spanish GP, Grosjean was even on a higher ranking and gained a better result.

In 2018, he also had a bad starting, with eight first races not making any scores. However, he denied the similarity by saying at least last year, he made a half of his job. Anyway, it was just the beginning of the season, so it is still too early to say anything, although it is already his worst weekend by now.

William Buick to be sidelined this week after tests at Addenbrookes

After the test this week at Addenbrookes, William Buick will need to take a rest sidelined to wait for his official results of the tests. He has not been feeling good recently, and that’s why his doctors advise him to take the tests.

Buick decided to sit out this week one more time before returning to the race. In the Derby-winning jockey in France last year, he could not manage to take part in. Sheikh Mohamed, with his strong Godolphin operation, retains Buick lately. Buick by the way rides principally for Charlie Appleby.

According to a statement on the website Godolphin, William Buick was planned to take a rest during the week. Therefore, he cannot take part in any race-riding. He has felt unwell for quite a long time, and it is necessary to rest well before returning.

On Saturday, Buick took part in 6 rides at Ascot and won for Appleby abroad Expressionist. It was amazing for his achievement and became a big challenge for any of his opponents. However, unfortunately, after the participation and tight schedule, his health situation became worse. As the result, he was forced to be sidelined.

This year, he was hoped to take a ride on Godolphin for another no.1 on Thursday. Hopefully, he will recover well so as not to miss the important race for the Line of Duty in the Al Basti Equiworld Dubai Dante Stakes. He stands on the top of hope for the win this year with Godolphin.

However, for sure with the inevitable rest this week, Buick will miss two important rides. They are the Ispolini on Friday in the Matchbook Yorkshire Cup, and on Saturday, it will be the Mythical Magic in the Al Shaqab Lockinge Stakes at Newbury.  Fans expected they will be big opportunities for him to achieve other two wins. Yet, at the moment, they just can only hope for a quick recovery from Buick.

Best tips for 2019 Punchestown Festival shared by Johnny Ward

The most famous jump meeting in Ireland will kick off on Tuesday. People expect that it would be highly interesting for a Punchestown. In this festival, there are horses that will appear late in the campaign.

We will welcome Getabird, who succeeded in surpassing Cheltenham when he was injured, and Samcro, who has a great expectation to reach the top of senior hurdling rank.

On Tuesday, we can watch an exciting race with Getabird coming back and stepping up to 3 miles. His trip to the right-handed would be a bit challenging, though.

Discorama, through his Cheltanham race, proved that he has been improving and is classy enough to compete in a high level.

Farceur Du Large made a good start as he arrived third at Limerick. His performance would even be better because he actually lacked space to run.

Carefully Selected is considered to be a smart bumper performer. At first, he was not highly appreciated. However, after his performances, he proved that he still has more to show, although his win was not very impressive.

Kemboy has less chance to win. At Aintree, he just take a little advantage as the leader. However, with his wins in Leopardstown and Aintree have proved that he is a good racer and has more to perform.

Chacun Pour Soi is outstanding when he jumps and travels with grace and full of power. It proved that he has a top class to give a good performance. He can make some surprises in the race here, even if it is difficult to defeat the other racers at Grade One.

Whisperinthebreeze was defeated totally in the Irish National. However, the horse made a good starting before he as surpassed by other better performers. Plus, there are proofs to believe that he can maintain a good pace in the race.

Barry Geraghty not to attend the Randox Health Grand National ride

Due to his latest leg injury, Barry Geraghty is going to miss his ride in the Grand National . He broke his leg when he fell down from Peregrine Run on Friday.

When Anibale Fly ended up as runner-up in the Gold Cup last month and fourth in the 2018 Aintree spectacular, Barry Geraghty looked forward to becoming the leader in the National

Geraghty was regretful for the accident. He said on Friday evening about this bad news for him and for his fans. He also shared about his own situation, when the tibia and fibula above the right ankle were broken. He thought that damaged was caused by a kick off a horse to run over the top of him after he fell down.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Barry Geraghty injury

He will miss the Grand National, the race that he has been looking forward a lot, also miss Fairyhouse and Punchestown at the same time. That is a big attack on him when there is still no confirmation for the exact time when he will be back. He thought there must be a surgery to straighten his leg. Several years ago, Barry Geraghty had also broken his shin on the other leg and it took him almost 4 months to recover. This time, it comes to a weight-bearing bone. He could only guess that this injury will keep him on the sidelines for 10 – 12 weeks.

The racing manager of Anibale Fly’s owner, Frank Berry, said that Mark Walsh would switch to Tony Martin’s charge from Regal Encore. He was still unsure about the possibility of Mark Walsh to ride Anibale Fly, but he needed to be really cautious.

Hình ảnh có liên quan

Mark Enright also suffered from injuries and was taken to hospital after his fall from Call It Magic in the Topham. He rode Noble Endeavor and the tumble happened even though his agent had confirmed that he could take the ride without any problem. Luckily, there was only a haematoma but not a serious injury, and he was still fine.