Why do classic believers like racer style

Especially motorcycle enthusiasts and love the dusty style. So, what is Cafe racer? With a very unique shape and a mix of classic style. This is what makes Cafe racer so attractive to young people today.

Nowadays there are many concepts to explain the Cafe racer. Young people know Cafe racer as a kind of black spray paint motor or car, decorated with pipes and retro style.

Đua Xe Thể Thao Ô Tô Lái - Ảnh miễn phí trên Pixabay

There is also a theory that Cafe racer is a term for riders but not real motorists but just park motorbikes next to cafes to show off. But for those who are passionate about this car, the concept of Cafe racer is completely different.

It can be said that Cafe Racer refers to the racers who frequent the cafe. There they will host car races. These races usually have a starting point and the destination is the distance between two cafes. Cafe racer was born in the 1960s in the UK. Originating are the cars from famous brands.

Nowadays, Cafe racer is also used to refer to classic style cars such as England, Japan or Italy.

Nissan giới thiệu siêu xe đua đỉnh cao G-TR Nismo GT3 2018

For motorbike lovers especially with nostalgic style fans. Being able to own a Cafe racer has become a big wish. Cafe racer has a pretty basic shape. With horizontal fuel tank and hunchback saddle. Especially in the car, the car will carry its imprint and show the owner’s unique style.

Every vehicle on the market has a certain value. With Cafe racer, the car is usually selected from Japanese models. It can be said that the vehicle is usually modified to be 30-40 years old. Understanding the vehicle model will help you better understand the parameters of the vehicle such as engine structure, electric system or powertrain fitted to the vehicle.

Top the best biggest car races all the time

Car races have become favorite from many years ago, especially someone prefers to adventurous sports. In this article, we will continue to discuss top the best biggest car races all the time. This ranking is collected famous events of car races.

If you are a fan of racing, following it and considering that how many events you have ever watched before.

24 hours of Le Mans

This race was hold at Circuit de la Sarthe in French from 1923. It is considered as one of the biggest car races in motorsport history. In addition, it was focused on design and durability of racing cars. It was different from other races at the same time because almost events concentrated ability to speed up fast, sometimes they ignored safety of drivers during races.

These racing cars also required using fuel efficiency because they didn’t offer pit stops. Many racers and fans feel interesting for new content.

There are average 60 drivers to register one race of 24 hours of Le Mans. It is a part of the World Endurance Championship for car races since 2012 with the prize up to 11$ million. Tom Kristensen has been keeping the ranking with 9 titles.

Singapore Grand Prix

This race was hold at Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore from 2008. It is one of the latest tracks of F1 circuit. The fact that it is considered as the first ever race taken place at Singapore, therefore, it should be invested carefully.

According to design of this race, there is one circuit with more than 190 miles and several 90 degree turns. Actually, this track takes place on the public roads therefore, it makes more challenges for drivers.

Until now, Sebastian Vettel is keeping the record with 4 races for wining.

Top the best biggest car races all the time

Car race is considered as one of the most adventurous races in the world for a long time. There are many competitions and tournaments about car races organized yearly. In this article, we will share top the best biggest car races all the time. If you are a fan of car race, you shouldn’t miss summery about these outstanding races.

1/ Monaco Grand Prix

Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most prestigious car races in the world. Located in Monte-Carlo which is the recreational region with many sport events and competitions yearly. In general, this tournament is considered as one of the best-must and widely event in the year all over the world.

Ayrton Senna being the legendary Brazilian racer about car is well-known from this event with winning in 6 different race times. From the events, Ayrton proves that he is one of the best drivers in Formula 1 all the time.

2/ Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 is granted as the most popular car race in the USA. It has been held at the Daytona International Speedway in Florida yearly since 1959 with many famous and talent drivers from this competition.

One of the most reason for popularity of Daytona 500 is a massive amount of money. For one winner, he can receive big prizes about cash as well opportunity to become celebrity. For one example, in 2016, the prize for winner reached 19.4$ million which is credible and unprecedented for any American car race before.

3/ Indy 500

The Indy 500 stands for Indianapolis 500 which is nicknamed as the American Championship car racing in the USA. The Verizon Indycar series is the top highest level of this tournament. It is organized at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway one time yearly. So, this race is also the second part of the Triple Crown Of Motorsport.

Top the best racing games for IOS in 2019 (Part 2)

If you are using iPhone or iPad, you shouldn’t miss racing games which are considered the best for IOS. It’s convenient to relax after pressure or stress about job or relationship. In this article, we continue to share top the best racing games for IOS ranked in 2019 as recommendation for your entertainment source.

3/ Gear.Club

Eden Games is well-known for amazing games like Test Driver Unlimited on smart devices such as PCS or consoles. Therefore, Gear.Club is also one of remarkable achievement which also is ranked on the list of best racing games for IOS.

In this gameplay, there are combination 2 modes: a simulation-style and a free-play model. Your task is dealing with a roster of some racing cars in the world. Furthermore, you also need to adjust machine or motor of car to compete with some elite players. This is a good campaign mode to pace up with action fast and amazing. Almost people prefer to use this mode in Gear.Club.

4/ Reckless Racing 3

Ranked on 4th is Reckless Racing 3 which continues to achieve sequel to Reckless Racing and Reckless Racing 2 version. Based on several similar features as its predecessors then created some special fun, you feel satisfactory about this game.

Some outstanding updated modes in this game like the Career mode or the Arcade. For instance, in the Arcade mode, you are easy to end up on the podium and unlock it to the next level without worrying about any upgrades.

5/ Real Racing 3

It is a realistic racing game from source of Electronic Arts. Your task starts by learning instruction to adjust a car though sharp corners during the racing track. This game makes more professional and careful for beginning steps.

About the graphics, it looks real and amazing. You feel you are on realistic track.

Top the best racing games for IOS in 2019

IOS operation for iPhone and Macbook always is highly appreciated by experts as well loved by users in the world. This is the reason why the same functions but iPhone always is the best seller smart phone than any other brands of Android such as Samsung, Oppo.

If you are a fan of racing games and use iPhone or Macbook, you shouldn’t miss this article. We will share top the best racing games for IOS in 2019. This information is really useful to download list of great racing games.

1/ Asphalt 9: Legends

The fact that Asphalt 9: Legends has enough two versions: IOS and Android. It is granted as one of the most popular racing games in smart mobile phone. When being experienced with this game, you feel you are in a thrilling ride with automotive tricks and an assortment of cars. The new feature “Touch Drive” will make more interesting for it. Through “Touch Drive” mode, your responsibility is only caring about nitro boost and drifting. It’s amazing when the car can automatically speed up and adjust another way for you.

There are two modes either multiplayer or the campaign which is available for your option. You can unlock and customize any mode you expect to start the first round smoothly.

2/ CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is the best drag racing game which you can’t miss at the moment. This game will lead you to urban drag racing gameplay with good-looking images and graphics. There are many options to choose a role for this game. You can play as the single player campaign or multiplayer battles with other players by locking horns.

Your splurge will be decided when you start a game and shift through gears with other interiors. You can consume money by printing the car or customizing your car’s rims.

About Rules of The Wooden Horse Race Game

Overview about the rule of Wooden Horse Race Game

Basically, player has to use a regular deck of cards then remove all aces and kings and keep 44 cards. He also sets up horses in fixed order and starts the game. This game will be finished until all 44 cards are directly dealt by the deader. In some cases, this game can be ended up with more cards than others. It depends handling process from player.

Introduction step by step

Firstly, one dominated person on the left of dealer will be responsible for rolling both dice. The total number should be calculated by the first money horse. Then player moves it back to any available space behind the line. One card should be dominated and leaned on to determine the winner. It means one person keeping this card with fixed number in his hands will discard and pay the pot.

For example, there is A 2&5 number for rolling. Then the 7th horse is moved back one available space randomly by player. Any another player with 7th in his hand should throw it in the discard pile and set 25 cents in the pot. If another player with two 7th, he should throw it in the discard pile with 50 cents. It continues to be determined by fixed formula such as three 7th, throwing 75 cents and maximum four 7th, throwing 100 cents. One time for 7th is rolled and this player can add up to 25 cents to his pot.

Secondly, the next player on the left of dealer will continue to roll both dice. As the time, total number should be called the second money horse. But this time, player moves it back two spaces behind the line. It is different from the first step. Any player keeping this number in his hand will discard and pay 50 cents to the pot for per card. The previous number will roll again and pay 25 cents.

Top the best animal racing games

If you are a fan of gaming, you are interested in some weird games of animal racings. By some special ways, it brings more adventurous trips for players. This article will share top the best animal racing games. Enjoy it and find some proper games for your favorite.

World Cup Japan 3

This game is possibly considered as the most amazing game about animal in the world. Your mission is only to try the win by the fastest speed. But you can only control winning surely when you are near the end of race. This reason why this game becomes more interesting. You can’t guess or sure about your winning.
Both racers and racing horses will be joined a weird party with dancing, rockets or stretching during the race. You feel funny with sounds or crazing dances. If your horse has a not good starting, it can be changed completely if you use right strategies. It means you can change into another result as your expectation. Enjoy this weird game.

Wild Animal Racing

This game is inspired from rule of car racing then applied to animals. So it brings new experience about driving. The first feeling, you see this game has changed all the rules of traffic and racing. Yep, because it is an animal game, it acts and runs naturally and comfortably without consider or though about winning.
It also makes interesting by the eye-catchy graphics. Among the world of animals, you can choose anyone like elephant, giraffe, lion, rhino, zebra, or hippo then become your vehicle and start a racing. It is a good chance to discover the wonderful romp in forest where you can make friends with other animals.
In general, this game is proper for kids when it can impact love and caring to weird animals.

Top the best animal racing games

Animal racing games always bring fun and joy for players because animal is close and familiar with the human life. By advanced in the technology, animal racing games becomes more adventurous and hilarious. Enjoy top the best animal racing games as the followings.

Champion Jockey

This game is the great combination between Koei G1 Jockey and Tecmo Gallop Racer. Enjoy it, seems the players come into the world of being a professional jockey.

The graphic has been designed based on the background of Churchill Downs and Cheltenham Racecourse. If you are a fan of horse racing, you should know that there are the most famous horse racecourse in the world. Anyone has dream to visit it and try one time for live horse racing.

Launched since 2011, this game has been received many positive comments. This version is available on the PlayStation 2, Wii and Xbox 360. When it is connected to PlayStation Move system and Kinect for the Xbox, the players always ride their horse anywhere. Don’t forget to place betting or collect BetAmerica promo code from this game.

Final Furlong

It is a modern day arcade which is invested about the method of racing as well graphic. Actually, modern arcade is a hot trend for the world of games when it has been improved from advanced technology.

Final Furlong looks like a gift from the Namco gods which brings joy and comfort for anyone while trying to play it. Especially the adults when they have to face stress or pressure from jobs. You feel you become simple and normal when you are in the world of Final Furlong.

The best experience is riding on the horse through the best controller. Although it not a full mockup in the various world of an arcade, you still look great and wonderful when you get into this game.

The reasons why horse racing is cruel

Racing including car and animal racing is always attractive to many people because they can’t know or guess about correct racing result. It also brings hope and worrying about players.

Actually, when you think about riding horse around tracks with dangerously high speeds is good or not for them? Whether making fun with racing horse is really good for their health. The answer is cruel when we put unlucky horses as racer. Estimated that thousands of horses have been suffered in the horse-racing industry annually.

This article will discuss some reasons why horse racing is cruel with horse themselves.

Racing is dangerous for horses’ body

As the rule, horses often start their racing career when they are only 2 years old. It is too young to bare hard practice as usual because their bones are growing and small. It is not good when they are under pressure of running with high speed on hard track. It is easy to get injured, especially when they are old.

Horses are drugged to be forced

According to requirement of running fast, there are many horses got hurt during practice process. To heal injuries fast, many trainers use drugs to recover horse’s health. So horses don’t feel the pain and can continue racing hard. This action leads to their injuries to become more serious.

Sometimes horses are forced to use illegal drugs such as venom and alcohol so that they can run faster in racing competition.

Hundreds of horses will be died after racing

When horses are compulsory to use illegal drugs, they can’t control their speed so they run and run without controlling injuries after racing. Some horses are badly injured like breaking or shattering bones until they can’t be healed by anyway.

Estimated that there are about 24 horses going to die weekly on USA racetracks. It is numerous for the horse.

Asphalt Nitro- A small car racing game for smartphone

Car racing game is a popular genre in smartphone. Estimated that hot games like GT Racing, EA Sports’ Need For Speed has millions of downloaded times annually. Car racing game becomes famous relaxing for user. But the fact that not at all people have enough budget to buy good smartphone with large RAM while racing games cover powerful hardware as well enough minimum system to run smoothly.

If your smartphone is in this case, Asphalt Nitro is a good idea. This game is a successful version of Asphalt 8. This article will discuss more information about Asphalt Nitro.

1/ Small size

It has only 25 MB before installation and 110 MB after setting up successfully. This space is great for user when playing it. Compared other racing game, they usually take up to 1.5 GB of space.

To keep small size like this, producer is really smart to reduce graphic details. But it still keeps aerial stunts or slow motion moving of racing car like user’s demand.

2/ Immersive game play

This game has a simple interface when all functions and navigate buttons are on the menu. It plays smoothly when you are controlling all functions by your manual. Steering and brake are left out to reduce space of overall game.

About content, this game has total six seasons with more than 21 different competitions in each season. In the multiplayer mode, player can race with other online users at the same time. To do it, assure that your smartphone can connect the Internet strongly. If not you are a loser in the final result. But there are a few special races and race tracks in fixed schedule daily. You should remember it and follow on time if you want to trial this mode.

Another mode is simpler by yourself. In this mode, you can play it anytime and anywhere you like.