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The world’s first flying car race will take place this year

The first stage of the 21st century flying car is likely to be held this year, according to Alauda, ​​the company that develops the flying car Airspeeder. The prototype of the first Airspeeder flying car was released in the summer of 2019. And so far it is in the testing phase.

The company had to recruit US Air Force pilots who had a lot of experience flying in the air to test the MK4. If successful, this version will be used in the world’s first flying car race. Alauda believes that the MK4 flying car race will become one of the most popular speed sports in the future.

This is a sport that combines speed, science fiction and gaming. So it will appeal to enthusiasts of speed sports and also enthusiasts of e-sports subjects. It is expected that the races will be broadcast live on the Internet so that all people around the world can see this interesting and new game. A few VIPs will be able to go directly to the racetrack to watch.

Humans have been talking about flying cars for decades. And although so far no prototypes have been put into mass production. The US state of New Hampshire is just the first place in the world to license flying cars.

Currently, 2 companies are focusing on research and manufacture of flying cars. Terrafugia is the biggest name after China’s Geely company acquired the Massachusetts-based startup. However, Terrafugia has been fairly quiet for the past few years. According to the Roadshow, the company said they have 100 employees working on the flying car project.

Even if we have a flying car someday it will certainly not look like the prototypes we see in movies. In reality, flying cars will take the form of vertical take-off and landing devices, like helicopters or drones.