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Top 10 best race car drivers of all time


Car racing is a special sport which contains several different disciplines like sports skills, vehicle type, competition and even racers. So not many people can practice car race normally.

Actually, there are many version of car racing. It can list some famous name like: open-wheel racing, drag racing, sprint car racing, rallying or stock car racing.

The following is list of top 10 the best race car drivers of all time. We’ve tried to collect list famous representative of the diverse racing kinds.


He comes from French and is one of the best racers in Formula One competition which is the most famous in car racing in all over the world.

He started his car racing career when he was only 14 years old in a family holiday occasion. After several competitions, he became the only French driver to win in F1 World Championship. This reward remarked his career to new period.

He won Formula Renault championships in 1976 and 1977. Then he won the French and European F3 championships in 1979. All reward are valuable and respectful in car racing. Many people call him with a nickname as “The Professor” to express his genius and exceptional talent.


He is a skilled car race driver with 40-year professional career. It is Joseph who broke records for fun and raced new record by himself.

When he was a little boy, he had opportunity to learn both car racing and building cars from his family. In fact that, he invented and built the Coyotes to drive in Indianapolis 500 competition in 1967 and 1977. It helped him to become a final winner.

We can list several achievements and records in his career like: four championships in Indianapolis 500, seven championship in USAC Competition, three championships in USAC Stock Car Competition, so on…