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Romain Grosjean feeling his bad luck in Formula 1

Grosjean has just been out of the Canadian Grand Prix at the second part of the tournament. It was when his teammate made a mistake on the way by a crash. Kevin Magnussen exited the final corner and by that, he stopped their expectation to get into the Q2.

As the result, Grosjean, despite his attempt to set a lap time in Q2 and running his first car on the scene, could not complete his purpose. Grosjean was just a few seconds after Magnussen, and finally, he had to start the race as the 14th.

Sharing about his own situation on the radio, Grosjean claimed that it was one of his worst of luck moments. When the session ended, he answered some sport magazines and said he was participating a bad Olympic championship in racing.

Grosjean felt he unlucky for what had happened to him during the recent time, so he was inevitably painful. In Australia he was qualified sixth. In Bahrain, he had a crash with a Lance Stroll. In Baku, again, it was tragic for him with a brake disc failure. He was knocked out of Q2 after being qualified in the last race by Pierre Gasly. And here he was in trouble again.

The good thing is he finished his race in Spain and Monaco, so he can now already has two points, even though it is too bad for a starting in this season. Before Magnusen made an attack in the Spanish GP, Grosjean was even on a higher ranking and gained a better result.

In 2018, he also had a bad starting, with eight first races not making any scores. However, he denied the similarity by saying at least last year, he made a half of his job. Anyway, it was just the beginning of the season, so it is still too early to say anything, although it is already his worst weekend by now.