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Top 5 types of auto racing

Auto racing has been one of the most popular sports recently, especially the young. In racing, you can start to play on game or directly practice on the racing road. Racing brings you other levels of emotion. First, it’s terrible and worried when you face to face with high speed to become the winner. Then you fell a little loss when you are broken or in accidents caused from the racing. Sometimes, it’s wonderful to overcome a racing

               Racing car in the road

Because of auto racing attraction, there are various types with other versions. Following some check list as below:

1, Formula racing

It is considered as the most famously professional racing. It usually appears in championship competitions with many experts. It is also called as car racing. Outstanding feature of formula racing is the road race. It is focused to conduct unique tracks for racing

2, Sports car racing

Sports car is different from formula car because of the seat. It only has two seats with 2 main types: the grand tourers and the prototype

The most famous championship is Fia World Endurance Championship held in nations in Europe

3, Stock car racing

Only popular in the United States. It is produced with customized specifications for racing purposes so it’s professional and high technical.

The track almost is built in oval which really dangerous and difficult to overcome

4. Drag racing

It’s a basic form of racing. The truck is built in a straight line with other kinds of car such as: usual cars and dragsters. The main purpose is to speed up as fast as possible to beat opponents.

Can list some championship of the drag racing like: Super Stock, Super Street, Top Sportsman, and Top Dragster

5. Rallying

It is conducted on both public roads or off-roads. One more special point of rallying is design of road. The constructors have intention to building various road widths or terrain to challenge racer

The main Rallying is the World Rally Championship