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Top the racing for animals in the world

Racing for animals is a sport which brings some commercial benefits to human patrons. These athletes have to live in the strict environment to train and practice before starting the race. The methods of training are not comparatively humane because human patrons have to use drugs, physically harmful techniques and even live bait for animals

Actually lifespan of animals used for racing is relatively shorter than others. Besides it, they are usually hurt by accident during the practice or after racing.

There are 3 kinds of animal well-known for racing: dogs, pigeons and horses

Racing for Dogs

It is popular in the U.S.  The racing dogs are carefully employed every year. Estimated that about 50,000 puppies are bred for racing purpose. As a result, only 15,000 puppies overcome standards ad requirement to become racing dogs. The rest will be sold for laboratories or breeding stock

During the training of greyhounds, thousands of rabbits and other small preys are died. Trainers use them to chase racing dogs run away and destroy it. It seems enough conditions and rules of racing. To do it, trainers have to deny the dogs food and wait until they are hungry to kill preys fastest

Racing for Pigeons

Some people think that racing pigeons are bred to become racer. The fact, they have to get difficult and risky training. On average, only 50% in total pigeons choose for racing can survive after training and racing

Can clearly feel that requirements in training are inhumane and illegal

Racing for Horses

Meaning of horses racing is different from dogs and pigeons racing. It seems commercial game. It means people choose any horse for investment. Each horse can have some investors. They will share benefits when their horse becomes a winner in a horse racing

The trainer will instruct and teach racing horse detail so that they can run faster and faster in the racing