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Top the best racing horses in the world

Horse betting is specially spent for the richest around the world. So it also called with common name as Million Dollar industry. You will earn a huge money if your horse you bet becomes winner.

Here’s top the best racing horses of all time ranked by win rate, amount of viewers or level of professional organizers.

Seattle Slew

Seattle Slew has ever considered as one of the best race horses for kicking the grounds of the race roads. It was born in 70s. When he was still young, he reached other achievements and victory.

It is also inspiration for horse trainer to train and breed other horses


It was a female horse. Zenyatta had ever praised as a “The Queen of Race horses”. She expressed strength and determination on the racings, therefore she usually ranked the best race horses.

In 2010, she became the 2010 Race horse of the year as honoring to her talent. Now she has retired and focused on breeding foals.


Citation was remembered as race horse legend. It was one of the greatest horses in racing horses historically recorded all time.

It was trusted by many favor on several occasions


She was special legend of American Race Horse in 70s. She brought profit with booming and excitement for many players.

After her success, it has a boring story. In racing at Belmont Park, she had broken bone in the middle part of her race. Then she died in urgent medical attendance.

Black Caviar

It was a black horse dominated by Australian Royalty. The value was really high about $210 000. It can be respected by everyone because she won 25 Races in the middle of her career.

She retired in 2013. It was regarded as one of the best Race horses of history.