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Top the best racing games for IOS in 2019 (Part 2)

If you are using iPhone or iPad, you shouldn’t miss racing games which are considered the best for IOS. It’s convenient to relax after pressure or stress about job or relationship. In this article, we continue to share top the best racing games for IOS ranked in 2019 as recommendation for your entertainment source.

3/ Gear.Club

Eden Games is well-known for amazing games like Test Driver Unlimited on smart devices such as PCS or consoles. Therefore, Gear.Club is also one of remarkable achievement which also is ranked on the list of best racing games for IOS.

In this gameplay, there are combination 2 modes: a simulation-style and a free-play model. Your task is dealing with a roster of some racing cars in the world. Furthermore, you also need to adjust machine or motor of car to compete with some elite players. This is a good campaign mode to pace up with action fast and amazing. Almost people prefer to use this mode in Gear.Club.

4/ Reckless Racing 3

Ranked on 4th is Reckless Racing 3 which continues to achieve sequel to Reckless Racing and Reckless Racing 2 version. Based on several similar features as its predecessors then created some special fun, you feel satisfactory about this game.

Some outstanding updated modes in this game like the Career mode or the Arcade. For instance, in the Arcade mode, you are easy to end up on the podium and unlock it to the next level without worrying about any upgrades.

5/ Real Racing 3

It is a realistic racing game from source of Electronic Arts. Your task starts by learning instruction to adjust a car though sharp corners during the racing track. This game makes more professional and careful for beginning steps.

About the graphics, it looks real and amazing. You feel you are on realistic track.