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Smart phone is more and more popular and convenient with everyone. Only with a smartphone in hand, you can also play other various games as wonderful entertainment.

If you are using an android device, here is top the best games in 2019 for you. Don’t ignore it and download these games immediately. They will make you more relaxing and comfortable.

1/ Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

If you love rally racing, this game is the undoubtedly best. It has ability to become an addictive game with 4.5 rating.

This game can be a fun to play game with several modes to bring off-road experiences.

2/ Table Top Racing Free

If you prefer to competing and reaching more rewards, you should try this game. There are 8 wonderful racing tracks and 7 unique gameplay modes for you to discover and enjoy satisfactorily.

This game is also designed a brilliant gameplay and amazing graphics to make it more interesting. It has a 4.3 rating and is compatible from Android 5.0 device. This game is free to be downloaded so you are easy to have a wonderful gameplay experience from table top racing free.

3/ Asphalt Nitro

This game is extremely one of the top car racing games in this year. It is described that this game brings thrilling and addictive feeling. It is also invested wonderful graphics with the best, luxury cars, top brands like Ferrari or Laborghini.

There are 8 different modes including Gate Drift, Knock Down and Police Chase mode for your other demand. It’s amazing when you can drive your car yourself at full speed to come across different locations around the places. Thanks to this game, you have an opportunity to visit and explore beautiful destinations all over the world. It seems a wonderful journey for relaxing.

One cons of Asphalt Nitro which limits user is you have to pay money to download it. It is available from Android 4.0.