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Top the best animal racing games

Animal racing games always bring fun and joy for players because animal is close and familiar with the human life. By advanced in the technology, animal racing games becomes more adventurous and hilarious. Enjoy top the best animal racing games as the followings.

Champion Jockey

This game is the great combination between Koei G1 Jockey and Tecmo Gallop Racer. Enjoy it, seems the players come into the world of being a professional jockey.

The graphic has been designed based on the background of Churchill Downs and Cheltenham Racecourse. If you are a fan of horse racing, you should know that there are the most famous horse racecourse in the world. Anyone has dream to visit it and try one time for live horse racing.

Launched since 2011, this game has been received many positive comments. This version is available on the PlayStation 2, Wii and Xbox 360. When it is connected to PlayStation Move system and Kinect for the Xbox, the players always ride their horse anywhere. Don’t forget to place betting or collect BetAmerica promo code from this game.

Final Furlong

It is a modern day arcade which is invested about the method of racing as well graphic. Actually, modern arcade is a hot trend for the world of games when it has been improved from advanced technology.

Final Furlong looks like a gift from the Namco gods which brings joy and comfort for anyone while trying to play it. Especially the adults when they have to face stress or pressure from jobs. You feel you become simple and normal when you are in the world of Final Furlong.

The best experience is riding on the horse through the best controller. Although it not a full mockup in the various world of an arcade, you still look great and wonderful when you get into this game.