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Top the best animal racing games

If you are a fan of gaming, you are interested in some weird games of animal racings. By some special ways, it brings more adventurous trips for players. This article will share top the best animal racing games. Enjoy it and find some proper games for your favorite.

World Cup Japan 3

This game is possibly considered as the most amazing game about animal in the world. Your mission is only to try the win by the fastest speed. But you can only control winning surely when you are near the end of race. This reason why this game becomes more interesting. You can’t guess or sure about your winning.
Both racers and racing horses will be joined a weird party with dancing, rockets or stretching during the race. You feel funny with sounds or crazing dances. If your horse has a not good starting, it can be changed completely if you use right strategies. It means you can change into another result as your expectation. Enjoy this weird game.

Wild Animal Racing

This game is inspired from rule of car racing then applied to animals. So it brings new experience about driving. The first feeling, you see this game has changed all the rules of traffic and racing. Yep, because it is an animal game, it acts and runs naturally and comfortably without consider or though about winning.
It also makes interesting by the eye-catchy graphics. Among the world of animals, you can choose anyone like elephant, giraffe, lion, rhino, zebra, or hippo then become your vehicle and start a racing. It is a good chance to discover the wonderful romp in forest where you can make friends with other animals.
In general, this game is proper for kids when it can impact love and caring to weird animals.