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Quick Information About Dog Racing

Some people regard that dog racing is a great way to earn money and dog racers will become champions if they are winner in racing. But in term of humanity, dog racing is abuse and cruelty with dogs.


During the training course, caretakers keep an appalling low standard as lack of food, water or medical care. They completely ignore to physical, emotional and social needs of their racing dogs.

Furthermore, they use strict requirements for training process. Racing dogs are not allowed to undertake normal activities as ordinary dogs. Even the racing dogs are kept in their cages or kennels during time. Only when they compete in racing or training courses, they have the right to be taken out of their cages. They are treated as prisoners. If any racing dog want to break prison, it’s terrible when they are found out, they are confined for most of their lives.


After a competition, injuries are inherent and dangerous for racers. Because they speed up and run naturally to run after prey, they are easy to be suffered from dehydration, dislocation, cramping, feet injuries, broken bones lacerations, muscle injuries, sprains, fractures or bruising. They don’t know that their speed will decide whether who are winner in final match.


To push dog racing for running fastest in the racing road, some trainer use therapeutic drugs. It can affect to the performance of the dog.


As estimated, life-span of dog racing only lasts five years including their performance abilities and excluding serious injuries during racing. So useless dogs will be sold for other purposes like illegal hunting, breeding replacement dogs, killing or abandoning.

All above actions should be prevented and fined a huge money so that people are clearly aware of protecting animals. As a good effect, many countries have policy to ban dog racing like South Africa, Asia.