Melbourne Cup Carnival is all set for the festivities

The Melbourne Cup will commence on the 5th of November at 3 pm sharp. This is the time of the year when every horse race enthusiasts enjoy being inside as well as on the outside of the racecourse as great celebrations and Melbourne cup betting takes place during this time. This year the Melbourne Cup is being celebrated with a greater grandeur as many new additions are made to the listings. On the one hand, it is the Lexus Melbourne Cup worth $8 Million; there are several other races that are added to the annual fiesta of Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Melbourne Cup key details:
Every day, a total of 10 races will be organized during a typical day of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. The distance for each race will be different and so will be the prize. Melbourne Cup has always been an enticing and super exciting event on the Australian racing calendar, and the master attraction of the piece is the 3200 metre Lexus Melbourne Cup.

Betting becomes a great phenomenon as the calendar shows the inaugural of the Melbourne cup. However, the carnival is not limited to the races on the racecourse, but all have several festivities celebrated off the ground. It is the time when women dress to impress and there are several marquees and entertainment centres set to have the guests entertained. The venue, The Flemington Racecourse, is all set to gain back its glow this November when a range of fashion shows, dining arrangements and races will be organized on it.

Number of Horses:
Just like every year, a total of 24 horses will participate in the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Every year, thousands of entries are entertained by the organizers, which are further shortlisted based on the balloting system and handicapping.

If you are interested in horse racing as well as fine dressing and dining, you must approach the Melbourne Cup tickets as special passes are being issued for general admission. These passes are available for $200. So, buy the passes and be the part of one of the most admired racing events of Australia and bet on your favourite horse to win exciting prizes.

Top the best race car drivers of all time

As referred in the last article, car racing is one of the most attractive sport in the world. Maybe spectator and racer extremely feel satisfactory with emotion of high speed, overcoming obstacle and danger. Although they know that joining this racing is risky and easy to lost the lives himself, he still is exciting about car racing.

Let’s continue top 10 best race car drivers of all time, we will have a chance to see back great history of the human in adventurous sports like car racing.


He was born in England and started his career from 1960s. During car racing job, he was named after a nickname Flying Scot because he can race any car in any place and under any strict weather and conditions.

He won 2 times for F1 championships and kept top F1 greatest drivers in all times with unlimited talent. For example, in the Indianapolis 500 in 1965, he led 190 of the 200 laps and became the only winner for F1 championship and the Indianapolis 500.


He is Argentine where his family has origin about racing like Foyt but his father disagreed about his racing career. Overcoming all difficulties, he and his brother Aldo kept and followed dream about racing. By life experience in other culture like Argentine, Europe then USA, Juan improved great skills and experiences for racing in USA.

He is confident to enjoy all racing tracks, including the midget, sprint, sports, open-wheel or dirt racing road. During his career, he reached 4 trophies and winner in famous league in the world such as: the F1 World Championship, the Indianapolis 500 and even Daytona 500.

This unique talent has been deserved to reach achievements and award all of time in the global.

Top 10 best race car drivers of all time (Part 2)

(Introduction AYRTON SENNA and DALE EARNHARDT racer)


He comes from Brazil and famous for Formula One competition in racing discipline.

People said that Ayrton Senna was born to become the best car driver because he had unique talent in racing car driving.

Since 1984, he started his career with racing style in a way never before. There was a little ruthless and fierce driving style or dazzling raw talent, he overcame hard weather and competitors. He won many racing car competitions and events across the world. We had to acknowledge his greatness.

Going through his career, he has reached hundreds of big and small awards like: record 65 pole positions in Grand Prix Pole Positions which is an important record at this time, 41 wins and won 3 championships in F1 World Championships.


He was from USA and had a nickname as the Intimidator.

According to the statics of the most successful racer in motorsport, Dale Earnhardt dominated and owned his era successfully. With his aggressive and determined style, other racing car drivers scared and worried when they faced up with Dale.

By his excellent expression, there were millions of NASCAR fans to be excited and hopeful when they saw Dale to drive in the racing road. It was difficult to describe this feeling in words but the fact that, everyone who liked car racing love Dale as a hero.

Unfortunately, he was died on the tracks in a racing competition.

Going through his experience, he won the Indianapolis 500 as well NASCAR Sprint Cup Championships record in 7 times (also called NASCAR Winston) or IROC Championships in 4 times. These achievements makes extremely impressive and admired to Dale- one of the Intimidator of his era.

Top 10 best race car drivers of all time


Car racing is a special sport which contains several different disciplines like sports skills, vehicle type, competition and even racers. So not many people can practice car race normally.

Actually, there are many version of car racing. It can list some famous name like: open-wheel racing, drag racing, sprint car racing, rallying or stock car racing.

The following is list of top 10 the best race car drivers of all time. We’ve tried to collect list famous representative of the diverse racing kinds.


He comes from French and is one of the best racers in Formula One competition which is the most famous in car racing in all over the world.

He started his car racing career when he was only 14 years old in a family holiday occasion. After several competitions, he became the only French driver to win in F1 World Championship. This reward remarked his career to new period.

He won Formula Renault championships in 1976 and 1977. Then he won the French and European F3 championships in 1979. All reward are valuable and respectful in car racing. Many people call him with a nickname as “The Professor” to express his genius and exceptional talent.


He is a skilled car race driver with 40-year professional career. It is Joseph who broke records for fun and raced new record by himself.

When he was a little boy, he had opportunity to learn both car racing and building cars from his family. In fact that, he invented and built the Coyotes to drive in Indianapolis 500 competition in 1967 and 1977. It helped him to become a final winner.

We can list several achievements and records in his career like: four championships in Indianapolis 500, seven championship in USAC Competition, three championships in USAC Stock Car Competition, so on…

Wild Animal Racing- Game For Everyone


Wild Animal Racing is one of the exciting games about animal. It was launched in 2016 by Paul Bird developer. Until now, it has become a popular game for both kids and adults. Almost people like and immerse by the wonderfully Wild Animal Racing.

About rule of game

Actually, it is a racing game so your mission is competing other racers in a race. The difficulty will be increase when you are winner and join further rounds.

Let it think about racing, along the way, there are pick-ups as assistant for you to hit your opponents or to make your move different as normal plan. You should use them in right time to adjust racing as your expect.

No matter you choose any animal because they travel at an optional speed as your adjustment. Symbol of animal can express one of your favorite or character. You have to control your positioning and use the terrain to your advantage suitably. Pickup terrain seems real skill in this game.

Don’t forget to get diamond-shaped items during the racing. It can boost up your score and get enough score to unlock in the next round.

About outstanding graphics

Frankly speaking, it is not a beautiful graphical game. But it is enough to meet player’s expectation. Designer try to create other music which fitted each of the zones and racing.

About sound effects are basic. For example, when you slip on a banana peel, it makes a slipping sound effect and you feel this situation is real. When something is hit by a rocket, you hear a small explosion sound closely.

In general, this game focus to exploit activities in per racing journey so that it can conquer all strict player. About image, they should update new version with new graphics to attract more players.


Smart phone is more and more popular and convenient with everyone. Only with a smartphone in hand, you can also play other various games as wonderful entertainment.

If you are using an android device, here is top the best games in 2019 for you. Don’t ignore it and download these games immediately. They will make you more relaxing and comfortable.

1/ Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

If you love rally racing, this game is the undoubtedly best. It has ability to become an addictive game with 4.5 rating.

This game can be a fun to play game with several modes to bring off-road experiences.

2/ Table Top Racing Free

If you prefer to competing and reaching more rewards, you should try this game. There are 8 wonderful racing tracks and 7 unique gameplay modes for you to discover and enjoy satisfactorily.

This game is also designed a brilliant gameplay and amazing graphics to make it more interesting. It has a 4.3 rating and is compatible from Android 5.0 device. This game is free to be downloaded so you are easy to have a wonderful gameplay experience from table top racing free.

3/ Asphalt Nitro

This game is extremely one of the top car racing games in this year. It is described that this game brings thrilling and addictive feeling. It is also invested wonderful graphics with the best, luxury cars, top brands like Ferrari or Laborghini.

There are 8 different modes including Gate Drift, Knock Down and Police Chase mode for your other demand. It’s amazing when you can drive your car yourself at full speed to come across different locations around the places. Thanks to this game, you have an opportunity to visit and explore beautiful destinations all over the world. It seems a wonderful journey for relaxing.

One cons of Asphalt Nitro which limits user is you have to pay money to download it. It is available from Android 4.0.

Car Racing- Useful news for you

Car racing is a great experience but you have to sacrifice everything like accident, damage or even life without reticence or hesitation. Despite of it, so many people are interesting in adventurous racing. So the article share you list basic information about car racing. Hope it’s useful before your decision is enjoying or not car racing.


Car racing (also called auto racing, automobile racing, motor racing or motorsport) is an amazing sport which racer will compete their driving ability through speed on the racing road. If anyone can overcome other athletes and barrier, he will become a winner. Up to feature of per championship, there are different about regulation, sports skillset, kind of vehicle and competition time.

Main type of racing car

Here is some popular racing car used in per league. Actually, each racing car has strong features about machine or design. But to be summarized, only list name of racing car:

  • Open-wheel racing (Used in Formula One and IndyCar Series),
  • Sports car: Or grand tour and GT car are familiar. (Used in FIA World Endurance Championship and 24 Hours of Le Mans)
  • Stock car racing (Used in Daytona 500)
  • Touring car racing (Used in FIA WTCR and Speed World Challenge),
  • Rallying (Used in World Rally Championship)
  • Sprint car racing (Used in World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series and NASCAR Sprint Cup Series)
  • Drag racing (Used in amateur competition)

Formula One (F1) is regarded as pinnacle of motor-sport

The most well-known championship about car racing is Formula One. It is collection of all super and profession thing in racing. From the racing car, F1 is carefully improved before the league so that they hope racing car would bring novelty and surprise for fan. Racing car in F1 is always the most technologically advanced cars with many outstanding features like perfect genres, maximum speed up to 3,360 miles in 24 hours.

Quick Information About Dog Racing

Some people regard that dog racing is a great way to earn money and dog racers will become champions if they are winner in racing. But in term of humanity, dog racing is abuse and cruelty with dogs.


During the training course, caretakers keep an appalling low standard as lack of food, water or medical care. They completely ignore to physical, emotional and social needs of their racing dogs.

Furthermore, they use strict requirements for training process. Racing dogs are not allowed to undertake normal activities as ordinary dogs. Even the racing dogs are kept in their cages or kennels during time. Only when they compete in racing or training courses, they have the right to be taken out of their cages. They are treated as prisoners. If any racing dog want to break prison, it’s terrible when they are found out, they are confined for most of their lives.


After a competition, injuries are inherent and dangerous for racers. Because they speed up and run naturally to run after prey, they are easy to be suffered from dehydration, dislocation, cramping, feet injuries, broken bones lacerations, muscle injuries, sprains, fractures or bruising. They don’t know that their speed will decide whether who are winner in final match.


To push dog racing for running fastest in the racing road, some trainer use therapeutic drugs. It can affect to the performance of the dog.


As estimated, life-span of dog racing only lasts five years including their performance abilities and excluding serious injuries during racing. So useless dogs will be sold for other purposes like illegal hunting, breeding replacement dogs, killing or abandoning.

All above actions should be prevented and fined a huge money so that people are clearly aware of protecting animals. As a good effect, many countries have policy to ban dog racing like South Africa, Asia.

Quick information about Formula racing

Formula racing is one of the most professional forms of car racing with a big fan in the world. Can list some famous kinds of formula racing like Formula one, Formula two, Formula three and Formula four.

Up to other characters of per champion, there are specific regulations and method of organization. But generally, the vehicles are custom-designed and built based the same standard and the racing cars are designed with open-wheeled, single-seater motorsport. Furthermore, the racing roads are held in circuit tracks which are specially complied with a professional racing car competition.

Which is difference among four main formula racing types? Followings this analyst detail:

Formula One

Reported that it is the most popular racing car for both racer and viewer. It has a huge budget to invest technological development and engineering so it’s usually improved better through per league. It always makes satisfactory and exciting for everyone.

According to progression of technology, F1 cars are investigated and developed by top experts about car. One of outstanding feature is speeding up over 220 miles per hour. This rate is so amazing. Even you are an excellent racer, you also have to practice so many years for this speed. But by F1 car, you can do it easily.

Formula Two

This league is almost spent for the young racer who need to practice more times.

F2 cars are identical about both design and functions. So you only rely yourself to become a winner. It is compared as an individual test before starting bigger championships.

Formula Three

This car racing helps you to remark your position in racing rank. Based achievement result, you can be honored from amateur to professional driver if you are a winner in this competition.

Formula Four

This contest is suitable for new driver who want to become a professional racer. F4 car are the same with standardized engines to get balance between opportunity and cost.

Top the best racing horses in the world

Horse betting is specially spent for the richest around the world. So it also called with common name as Million Dollar industry. You will earn a huge money if your horse you bet becomes winner.

Here’s top the best racing horses of all time ranked by win rate, amount of viewers or level of professional organizers.

Seattle Slew

Seattle Slew has ever considered as one of the best race horses for kicking the grounds of the race roads. It was born in 70s. When he was still young, he reached other achievements and victory.

It is also inspiration for horse trainer to train and breed other horses


It was a female horse. Zenyatta had ever praised as a “The Queen of Race horses”. She expressed strength and determination on the racings, therefore she usually ranked the best race horses.

In 2010, she became the 2010 Race horse of the year as honoring to her talent. Now she has retired and focused on breeding foals.


Citation was remembered as race horse legend. It was one of the greatest horses in racing horses historically recorded all time.

It was trusted by many favor on several occasions


She was special legend of American Race Horse in 70s. She brought profit with booming and excitement for many players.

After her success, it has a boring story. In racing at Belmont Park, she had broken bone in the middle part of her race. Then she died in urgent medical attendance.

Black Caviar

It was a black horse dominated by Australian Royalty. The value was really high about $210 000. It can be respected by everyone because she won 25 Races in the middle of her career.

She retired in 2013. It was regarded as one of the best Race horses of history.