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Asphalt Nitro- A small car racing game for smartphone

Car racing game is a popular genre in smartphone. Estimated that hot games like GT Racing, EA Sports’ Need For Speed has millions of downloaded times annually. Car racing game becomes famous relaxing for user. But the fact that not at all people have enough budget to buy good smartphone with large RAM while racing games cover powerful hardware as well enough minimum system to run smoothly.

If your smartphone is in this case, Asphalt Nitro is a good idea. This game is a successful version of Asphalt 8. This article will discuss more information about Asphalt Nitro.

1/ Small size

It has only 25 MB before installation and 110 MB after setting up successfully. This space is great for user when playing it. Compared other racing game, they usually take up to 1.5 GB of space.

To keep small size like this, producer is really smart to reduce graphic details. But it still keeps aerial stunts or slow motion moving of racing car like user’s demand.

2/ Immersive game play

This game has a simple interface when all functions and navigate buttons are on the menu. It plays smoothly when you are controlling all functions by your manual. Steering and brake are left out to reduce space of overall game.

About content, this game has total six seasons with more than 21 different competitions in each season. In the multiplayer mode, player can race with other online users at the same time. To do it, assure that your smartphone can connect the Internet strongly. If not you are a loser in the final result. But there are a few special races and race tracks in fixed schedule daily. You should remember it and follow on time if you want to trial this mode.

Another mode is simpler by yourself. In this mode, you can play it anytime and anywhere you like.