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About Rules of The Wooden Horse Race Game

Overview about the rule of Wooden Horse Race Game

Basically, player has to use a regular deck of cards then remove all aces and kings and keep 44 cards. He also sets up horses in fixed order and starts the game. This game will be finished until all 44 cards are directly dealt by the deader. In some cases, this game can be ended up with more cards than others. It depends handling process from player.

Introduction step by step

Firstly, one dominated person on the left of dealer will be responsible for rolling both dice. The total number should be calculated by the first money horse. Then player moves it back to any available space behind the line. One card should be dominated and leaned on to determine the winner. It means one person keeping this card with fixed number in his hands will discard and pay the pot.

For example, there is A 2&5 number for rolling. Then the 7th horse is moved back one available space randomly by player. Any another player with 7th in his hand should throw it in the discard pile and set 25 cents in the pot. If another player with two 7th, he should throw it in the discard pile with 50 cents. It continues to be determined by fixed formula such as three 7th, throwing 75 cents and maximum four 7th, throwing 100 cents. One time for 7th is rolled and this player can add up to 25 cents to his pot.

Secondly, the next player on the left of dealer will continue to roll both dice. As the time, total number should be called the second money horse. But this time, player moves it back two spaces behind the line. It is different from the first step. Any player keeping this number in his hand will discard and pay 50 cents to the pot for per card. The previous number will roll again and pay 25 cents.